Current Clinical Trials

Michigan Neurosurgical Institute, P.C., continues to strive for excellence by focusing our efforts on clinical research relevant to the treatment of back pain. We demonstrate our care for our patients by translating these research efforts — in conjunction with the Genesys Learning Institute and Clinical Research Departments — into optimal treatment of pain.


The study titles include: Open-Label Extension, Single-Arm, Flexible Dosing, Phase III trial with Extended-Release in patients with moderate to severe chronic pain; and a randomized Double-Blind, Placebo-and Active-Control, Parallel-arm, Phase III trial with controlled adjustment of dose to evaluate the efficacy and safety of the extended release medication in subjects with moderate to severe chronic low back pain.


In conjunction with the above studies, Dr. Jackson is working with Dr. Kimberly Barber on a research grant with the North American Spine Society on "Outcomes on Sacroiliac Joint Intervention in Patients with Chronic Low Back Pain."