Like most Michiganders do when it snows, Barb LaVere got her shovel out and started to clear her sidewalk. Then, one slip on the ice and she went down hard, and laid there thinking she’d broken rib or two.  “I went to the hospital and they bound me up and sent me home,” she remembers.


It turned out to be more than just broken ribs. When LaVere was eventually referred to Dr. Jackson after enduring low back pain from the fall for about four months, an MRI scan revealed a surprise: Three fractured vertebrae in her spine. “You know, you get older and you have aches and pains, but I just wasn’t feeling good,” she said.


LaVere had two vertebroplasties, the minimally invasive procedure to stabilize a spinal fracture by inserting a special bone “cement” into the fractured areas. The procedures, done in Dr. Jackson’s office, were successful.


Before she had the procedures, LaVere was able to see a video on this website showing how it would be done. That made her feel calmer. “I knew exactly what was going to happen.”


Afterward, she was amazed that she felt no pain or discomfort, especially after months of feeling lousy. She was so grateful that she brought in pear custard bars as a treat for the staff of Michigan Neurosurgical Institute. “I’d heard about Dr. Jackson and that he has really extensive capabilities. He’s very personable and the whole thing was a good experience.”