Appointments are available by referral from another physician or directly by calling our officeWelcome to Michigan Neurosurgical Institute (MNI). We look forward to helping you get the personalized treatment and care you deserve.  As a patient, there are three main steps to scheduling an appointment with our medical team: 



  1. Have your doctor refer you to a physician here at MNI, or you can call our office directly at (810) 606-7200.
  2. You will likely be asked to provide recent MRI scans, x-rays, medical records and other diagnostic test information prior to arranging your appointment.
  3. The MNI medical team, led by Dr. Avery Jackson III, will review the information you provide to determine if surgical treatment options are appropriate. If so, an appointment will be made for a consultation with the neurosurgeon. If not, recommendations will be made for other treatment options, such as physical therapy or pain management.