Referring Physicians


At MNI, we share your goal of providing the best possible care for patients. That includes encouraging patients to maintain close contact with primary care and referring physicians throughout and after treatment. And – with patient permission – we can keep your office informed directly on patient diagnosis, treatment options and progress. 

We also strive to integrate training, research, and the development of new technology with clinical care. Whether your patient has experienced a spinal injury, suffers chronic pain, has been diagnosed with a tumor, experienced trauma, or vascular disease affecting neurosurgical areas of expertise, you can be assured that we will do our utmost to provide your patient with the best possible outcome.

If you are interested in learning more about Michigan Neurosurgical Institute, please contact our office directly and ask for one of our Physician Liaisons at (810) 606-7200.

Scheduling an Appointment for Your Patient

In general, there are three main steps to scheduling an appointment and securing treatment from MNI:


  1. Call our office directly at (810) 606-7200, or fill out the Appointment Form here and we will call you back promptly for details.
  2. You will likely be asked to provide recent MRI scans, x-rays, medical records and other diagnostic test information prior to arranging an appointment.
  3. The MNI neurosurgeons will review the information provided to determine if there are surgical treatment options. If so, an appointment will be made for a consultation with the neurosurgeon. If not, recommendations will be made for other treatment options, such as physical therapy or pain management.